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Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Energy Practitioner


My current focus is my own holistic health and wellness, as well as my business. Through raising children and then grandchildren most of my adult life and gaining a traditional and non-traditional education, I have created a foundation for my future.

I am the mother of 8 grown biological children and grandmother to soon-to-be 20 grandchildren. I have a B.S. in Community Health Education and an M.A. in Psychology: Specialization in Health & Wellness. I am a freelance writer on health and wellness topics and am a Holistic Health & Wellness Educator/Coach and Energy Healing Practioner. I am the author of I LOVE YOU FROM THE EDGES: Lessons from Raising Grandchildren.


Healthy holistic health, spiritual living, my pets, writing, organizing, gardening, nature, hiking or walks in the forest, sewing fun projects, historical novels, visiting historic places of interest, and most definitely my children, grandchildren, and g.grandchild.